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Lynda Carter
Leo Sun - Aries Moon


Lynda Carter

Leo Sun - Aries Moon

Anonymous said:  What sun and moon signs do you think are most difficult to emotionally and romantically penetrate?


Sun signs: 
Aries: It’s difficult to emotionally and romantically penetrate this sign, because they are so difficult to capture. Their attention is everywhere, their emotions are endlessly switching and turning. They’re fire, and fire never stills.
Libra: Libras are so balanced, they love everyone in their lives so equally, but in different ways… So it’s difficult for them to find someone that they really commit to. 
Scorpio: This sign is only interested in the best, and is also very cautious about emotions and romance. It takes a special person to win a Scorpio’s heart.
Sagittarius: The known commitaphobe needs someone that will respect and add to their freedom to really be romantically involved. 
Aquarius: This sign can be really reserved with feelings, and also very quirky, so it would take someone really interesting to captivate them. 
Moon signs: 
Aries: Aries moons are very idealistic, and therefore, not impressed by a whole lot. They’re also very extreme and find it hard to find people that they connect with. 
Virgo: These are complex individuals that are fascinated with many things; it takes something incredible to captivate them. 
Aquarius: I’ve noticed that Aquarius moons have a really open minded view of love, but not a committed one, so romantically capturing them is a pretty difficult task. 
Pisces: Pisces moons are very dreamy and idealistic, they don’t settle for less in love.

These are what immediately come to my mind! What do you think? :)


I’ve noticed that when a person is drunk, their moon sign is a lot more evident.

What do you guys think?

It’s freaking true! I have never been drunk, but whenever I am high on something stupid like.. Cola.. my Moon sign (Aries) starts to explode and I feel free.

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